UltraCleaner Ultrasonic Robotic Torch Cleaner


With the advancements in arc welding technology, there still exists the issue of spatter being generated which accumulates on the nozzle, contact tip, and diffuser. This spatter accumulation can cause porosity and feeding problems.

The IWE UltraCleaner Robotic Torch cleaning station is the first non-mechanical cleaner that will automatically remove spatter from any robotic GMAW torch including twin wire.

The Ultrasonic process has many advantages over conventional nozzle reamers:

  • Cleans, Cools and Coats for extended consumable life
  • Simple installation and programming
  • Cleans all types and sizes of nozzles
  • Limit switch or robot I/O activated
  • Non-contact, no damage to consumables
  • No moving parts to replace
  • Fluid level is maintained automatically with a peristaltic pump
  • Dual robot versions
Before Cleaner
After Cleaner

How it Works

The robot simply moves the torch into the cleaning tank filled with anti-spatter fluid. Activation of the ultrasonic generator makes the piezo transducers vibrate the tank at a high frequency. These vibrating waves spread throughout the liquid in the tank. When they reach the surface of the weld consumables, the compression and decompression of the waves creates micro bubbles (cavitations), which implode. This phenomenon triggers a mechanical action that breaks the bond of the weld spatter at the molecular level freeing spatter from the nozzle, contact tip and diffuser. The robot then removes the torch from the tank and a blast of air is pulsed through the torch to remove any loose spatter and remaining fluid.

Additional Information

Data sheet [Click here to view] PDF File [550KB]

Operator Manual [Click here to view] PDF File [2.72MB]

Integrator Packet [Click here to view] PDF File [1.15MB]

Product Evaluation Study from End User [Click here to view] PDF File [164KB]

Detailed Ultracleaner Evaluation [Click here to view] PDF File [363KB]

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